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Illustration of the Haute Couture 2019 Pavillon liquor on a red background

A collection of limited editions
from the archives of Baccarat


On display at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1878, the Beaune decanter perfectly illustrates the high-precision skills of Baccarat gilders. Composed of wreathes of acanthus flowers and leaves rolled up in Louis XV style, the fine gold raised relief is applied by hand, coat after coat. The added challenge is the blown hollow top that crowns this exceptional piece, a symbol of the art of entertaining Baccarat style.
Limited edition of 18
Price : £11,000


Mirroring the sumptuous Temple of Mercury displayed at the Universal Exhibition of 1878 in Paris, in that same year Baccarat imagined a liqueur cabinet in the shape of an ancient rotunda. An equally exceptional piece consisting of a cupola surrounded by four columns and a top tray majestically holding four Harcourt decanters and twelve Compiègne glasses. Sculpted entirely by award-winning Master Craftsman (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), the piece is adorned with bronze mounts, also produced in Baccarat's own workshops. A genuine masterpiece, in a limited edition of only 18, for top collectors to step inside the Baccarat legend.
Limited edition of 18
Price : £119,900


In 1904, the floral aesthetics of the Art Nouveau style inspired Baccarat to create a series of bowls in the shape of a chrysalis, a butterfly and a dragonfly. Lined with gold red crystal, the butterfly shines with the infinite shades of colour of her iridescent wings, hand-crafted by Baccarat's award-winning Master Craftsmen.
Limited edition of 25
Price : £5,600


By the end of the 18th century, domestic staff started to become a rarity. Little by little, dinner tables would be strewn with glasses, decanters, dishes and napkin holders in the form of cylindrical boxes in which napkins would be folded ready for use. Baccarat transformed this "utilitarian" object into an exceptional item with its innate know-how in enameling, gilding and engraving. The stem enhanced with a lion's head became one of that period's emblematic pieces while enameled and gilded motifs evoke the beauty of the Damascus glass manufacturers of the Middle Ages.
Limited edition of 18
Price : £7,880


Then suddenly the wild swans take to the air… Created by Georges Chevalier in 1931, this exceptional vase recalls the Japanese-inspired pieces by Baccarat from the 1870s. The vase's uncluttered shape enhances the impression of teeming life disturbed by the flight of birds. A naturalistic decor adorned with touches of gold created with the virtuosity of Baccarat engravers and gilders.
Limited edition of 25
Price : £8,800


A brilliant testimony to the know-how of Baccarat cutters, the Palmettes bowl with its diamond trim add extra glitter to the crystal. Deep cut in thick crystal by a Master Craftsman, each motif is designed to bring out the intensity of red crystal. This emblematic colour, obtained through the slow fusion of clear crystal and 24-carat gold powder, enhances the Maison's most exceptional pieces, of which the Palmettes cup is definitely one.
Limited edition of 25
Price : £6.950