Beautiful gifts in a red box

Beautiful gifts in a red box
It always gives more pleasure to be able to give a gift than to receive one. To offer a thoughtful gift, one that you have chosen with care, evokes emotions and brings joy and surprise to the eyes. Baccarat has realized a GIFT BOOK in its red box to celebrate precious and unforgettable moments of friendship, of love. Because that is where passion, magic, elegance, and light all come together. This is Baccarat !
Dis-moi oui
DIS-MOI OUI, YES I DO! I give you my heart, red or clear crystal, or even a tortoise which is the symbol of a long happy life. Let’s celebrate with brilliance, with lightness and with color such an unforgettable moment.
Happy Days
There are numerous HAPPY DAYS! Whether it is breakfast at the joyous beginning of a sunny day, or many other moments of celebration that marks the lives of our family, friends, and colleagues. And let’s not forget the gifts that we offer to ourselves!
Pour un oui pour un non
Unexpected gifts ON THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT. To give someone a precious souvenir, an object of desire, big or small, which marries refinement and savoir-faire.
My Cocoon
MY COCOON deserves the most beautiful, the most refined, the forever. It is the space where I am content, the space I share with those I love. I can’t say no to my cocoon. A chandelier, a sculpture or a carafe and its glasses, or a wine decanter, nothing is too much for my cocoon.